Zarkonan Zenheart is a Korblox Elite, and is another main antagonist in Knights of RedCliff: The Series.

Info Edit

Zarkonan Zenheart is one of the only Korbloxian Highranks that is not a Hammerfist. His favored weapon is the Korblox Deathspeaker Staff, yet he is seen in the series using the Korbloxian Bone Mace and Korbloxian Sword and Shield. He is seen as the main antagonist of the series, though there is no true main antagonist.

Personality Edit

Like the rest of the Korbloxians, he is considered evil, and is a villain in the series. He also thoroughly enjoys dueling.

Appearance Edit

Zarkonan wears Korbloxian Lord of Death armor, and his head is covered in ice spikes.

Skills Edit

He is a very skilled dueler, and thus, was given his high rank of Korblox Elite. He has bested every RedCliff soldier that has challenged him to a duel so far.

Clans and Ranks Edit

  • Korblox's Empire - Korblox Elite (High Rank)

ROBLOX Player Edit

The ACTUAL player of Zarkonan Zenheart, is, well, Zarkonan_Zenheart.

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