Sorcus is a minor character with a major role in Knights of RedCliff: The Series.

Info Edit

Sorcus, the Wind Walker, is the Owner of RedCliff. He is the only living descendant of Xargas, the mighty Knight who founded RedCliff. His nephew is Kavin.

Appearance Edit

Sorcus has pure white skin, a blocky head, and wears black pants and a black shirt. The words on his shirt say "Feed Me" (on front) and "I don't bite" (on back).

Personality Edit

Sorcus is a caring leader, and is usually one of the most thoughtful during Lore Clan meetings. He is very fond of Sir Buck and the rest of the trio.

Skills Edit

Sorcus is a very powerful fighter with his Sword of Judgement, and with it, has the ability to fly and send white fire out of the blade. One slash with his Sword of Judgement can take out a group of about 15 Korbloxians.

Clans and Ranks Edit

  • Knights of RedCliff - Wind Walker (Owner)
  • Knights of the Splintered Skies - Foreign Dignitary (High Rank)
  • Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum - Unholy Council (High Rank)
  • Wizards of the Astral Isles - RedCliff Liasson (High Rank)

ROBLOX Player Edit

The ACTUAL player of Sorcus is, well, Sorcus.

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