Sir Buck pose for KoR TS

Aphelyte is the main protagonist of Knights of RedCliff: The Series.

Sir Buck is but one of Aphelyte's noble squires.

Info Edit

Sir Buck (full name Zachariah "Buck" Goldenstag) is a Knight of the Order (previously Courage Bearer). His favored weapons are the Deluxe Sword and Shield, the regular RedCliff Sword and Shield, and the RedCliff Morning Star. His companions are Sir Super, Asantias Skyfire, and his rescued Korbloxian ice dragon companion Icicle.

Personality Edit

He is very adventurous, and loves to spend time with his friends and fight enemies.

He is also known as a hunter, and is usually seen eating meat when hungry. His favorite drinks are Tal'gin Mead and his own mead invention, Dragonfire Mead.

Appearance Edit

He has golden hair and in Seasons 1-3, wears RedCliff Enchanted Knight armor, but wears RedCliff Elite Commander armor in Season 4.

Skills Edit

He loves to spar in melee combat and usually never loses when it comes to using the Sword and Shield. Only Sir Super and Ouchi seem to be close to matching his skills in melee combat with the Sword and Shield. He is good at using the linked sword, but is at the same skill level as Ouchi, and a bit below Sir Super. He is not way too fond of magic, despite being in the Wizards of the Astral Isles, and being a High Rank at that.

Clans and Ranks Edit

  • Knights of RedCliff - Knight of the Order (High Rank)
  • Knights of the Splintered Skies - Empyrean Protector
  • Wizards of the Astral Isles - Archivist (High Rank)

ROBLOX Player Edit

The ACTUAL player of Sir Buck is MuleDeerBuck.

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