Icicle is the Korbloxian Ice Dragon companion and a supporting character in Knights of RedCliff: The Series.


Info Edit

Icicle was a Korbloxian Ice Dragon that was treated badly by the Korbloxians as a baby, until he escaped and flew into the life of Sir Buck when he was only a regular Knight. He now goes with him, Sir Super, and Asantias everywhere.

Personality Edit

Icicle is kind towards RedCliffians, especially Sir Buck, Sir Super, and Asantias. He is very protective of RedCliff and its allies, but very hostile towards Korbloxians, DarkAge Ninjas, and Overseers.

Appearance Edit

Icicle appears to be a regular Korbloxian Ice Dragon, however, in Season 4, he has a bulky head and horns that stick out like elephant tusks on the side of his head.

He is young in Seasons 1-3, being only five-and-a-half feet in length. In the Revival, he is 200 ft. in length, and 60 ft. high, the same size as Crustallos.

Skills Edit

Icicle is very precise at flying. He can also breathe a super cold frost breath that freezes enemies in blocks of ice, even Korbloxians, which the mages are trained to wield it!

Clans and Ranks Edit

None, because he's a dragon.

ROBLOX Player Edit

There is no ROBLOX player for Icicle.

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