Daniel Cross

Daniel Cross is a minor character with an important role, as an Elite Commander, in Knights of RedCliff: The Series.

Info Edit

Sir Daniel Cross is the most recently promoted Elite Commander, and enjoys making huge facilities and outposts for training knights. His favored weapons are the Deluxe RedCliff Sword and Shield, Linked Sword, and Battleaxe.

Appearance Edit

Sir Cross has pale skin, neatly positioned brown hair, and always wears an angel crown and fake wings. Despite being an Elite Commander, Sir Cross wears Enchanted Knight armor.

Personality Edit

Despite the fact he loves to host trainings, he sometimes likes to tease specific trainees, usually because they're his favorites. He also aids Sir Buck, Sir Super, and Asantias when he can.

Skills Edit

He is skilled at using the linked sword, yet the lack of training himself has wore down his Sword and Shield skills, but when forced into combat, he can strike enemies down at will.

Clans and Ranks Edit

  • Knights of RedCliff - High Rank

ROBLOX Player Edit

The ACTUAL player of Daniel Cross is Xonious.

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