Aurellia Falmer is a supporting character in Knights of RedCliff: The Series.

Info Edit

Aurellia Falmer is a Drak Knight, and one of the series' few female characters with a major role. She is the daughter of Ceton Falmer. Her preferred weapons are the RedCliff Sword and Shield and her own special, and very powerful weapon, known as the Red Sparkle Time Claymore, or shortly, the Ruby Claymore. She is one of the youngest characters in the series along with Sebas and Eli, only being 18 years old.

Personality Edit

Aurellia is loyal to RedCliff, and is fiery-tempered when it comes to battle. She is protective of her friends, as seen in the episode "Aurellia's Adventure", where she goes out to search for Sir Buck, Asantias, and Sir Super after they went missing.

Appearance Edit

She has golden hair, and wears RedCliff Knight armor. She sometimes wears an exotic pink flower in her hair for special occasions. She was seen wearing it in the Season 3 episode, "The Wedding."

Skills Edit

She is skilled in melee, easily being able to cut down Korbloxians. With her Ruby Claymore, she can fire giant rubies that leave deadly shards in enemies. When angry, she swings more precise and deadlier. However, she is nowhere near the Sword/Shield skills as Sir Buck and Sir Super.

Clans and Ranks Edit

  • Knights of RedCliff - Drak Knight

ROBLOX Player Edit

Aurellia Falmer does not have a ROBLOX player.

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